The Company

Svenska Kommun Försäkrings AB (SKFAB) started its insurance business in 2003.The company is owned by the Municipality of Gävle, the Municipality of Sundsvall, the Municipality of Kiruna, the Municipality of Piteå, the Municipality of Uppsala, the City of Trollhättan, the Municipality of Trondheim, the City of Helsingborg, the Municipality of Örnsköldsvik and the Municipality of Umeå. The option to become a shareholder in SKFAB is only available to municipalities.

The Board has also decided that the company will be open to accepting more municipalities in Sweden and Norway as shareholders in the company.

The company was established to enable its shareholders, and the associations wholly or partly owned by them, to obtain insurance cover that is suited to their needs through long-term municipal collaboration and on the most favourable terms possible. In addition, the company coordinates and manages risk and loss-prevention measures on behalf of the owner municipalities, with the focus on preventing arson and water damage. Under its articles of association, SKFAB is prohibited from operating on any market outside its shareholder base.

The registered office and head office are located in Gävle.